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We pay top cash up to $9999 for all vehicle types, makes, models, conditions and brands.

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Why wait for your cash payment when you can earn your money right on the day of car removal? With us, you have the privilege of tracking your service and getting cash in your hands right on the time of car removal. We help you out through finances and pay your cash to you without any further delay. Our platform is absolutely fair, safe and fast in paying the amount that you deserve. Selling a car had never been easier but now it is with us. All you have to do is click on our website, check the value of your car by entering your registration number, and the other steps are mentioned below:

Starting from when you decide to choose us: You call us and book us for your cash for cars service. We become trust worthy for you that you are offering your most valued car to us for top cash
Once the deal is made: You will receive a confirmation call from us to verify your booking. You will be asked to schedule a day and time for car removal and cash payment.
Select the payment method: Let us know if you want cash or a cheque or account transfer. We want you to have the safest and best experience with no problems in between.
Get paid instantly: How about getting paid without a delay? Meaning, cash payment right on the time of car removal. Cherry on top, take your driving’s license number, you can select your payment method and still you will be paid without a delay. We understand account transfer takes a bit time, so, we will make sure to start processing your cash payment time before so that you receive your cash without a delay.
Reuse, Recreate: Why do you think we are eager to pay you top cash for this car? We are in this market with a motive; a better and cleaner earth. To attain this goal we must recycle all that may increase landfill. Old, junk and scrap vehicles are nothing but a junk for this earth and we recycle them to manufacture new vehicles. This way we keep this vicious cycle running.

Eco-recyclers Toowoomba for your junk car

There is nothing better than recycling a junk that is near you. We have been reading, hearing and seeing ourselves the drastic change in our environment since past few years due to increase in landfills and pollution.

We decrease landfills by paying top cash for cars to junk cars, scrap cars, old cars and send them to our recycling factories. Our recycling factories are eco-recycling and certified recycling factories that target in maintaining the environment by creating a minimum of no pollution.

All recycling process is eco-friendly, thus you can trust us with your vehicle that both your auto and earth is in safe hands.

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Do not pay for Car Removal Service – Free Car Removal Toowoomba

Why pay for car removal service when you can get it for free? Why pay for something when it is free? With Urgent cash for cars, you have the privilege to keep all your cash payment to yourself since we will neither cut hidden charges or car removal charges from the final payment.

You will be paid the exact amount that had been settled in our agreement. We have a team that is particularly skilled in car removal and car towing. They can easily and safely dismantle any vehicle from any property without bringing any damage to either the property or vehicle. Finally, one of our tow trucks will tow away your vehicle without charging you a single penny.

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What happens to these recycled vehicles?

This is a common question and we all are almost every time intrigued by this question whenever we hear the term recycling. We understand and the process of melting and crushing is so satisfying. But what happens next? What is created by the raw material that is produced at the end? We have the answer for you for all the metal we recycle in our factories.

These recycling materials are sent to vehicle manufacturing factories where new vehicles are manufactured with the recycled raw metal. Yes, it is true. Top brands are using recycled metal which is a great way of saving our earth and metal before we run out of everything.

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